Plastic scrap shredder

Chinese heavy duty Plastic scrap shredder of industrial single shaft shredder for reducing size and recycling waste plastic purge ,lumps,chunks,pipe,tube ,board ,tanks ,drums,film ,bag etc; Model: SCS600 Motor : 22kw + 2.2kw Capacity : 300-500kg/h

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Plastic scrap shredder

The cutting way of the plastic scrap shredders plays a fundamental role in determining the applications of the shredders adopted;

The sine shaft shredder as plastic scrap shredder ,suggested as its name , is composed of one shaft of round roller shape , fixed with several rows of sharp cube blades, of which the half triangle part ,one corner, two cutting edges touch the plastic scrap ;

This cutting way gives a wide application for the plastic scrap shredder, which is suitable for almost all kinds of plastic scrap, although some parameters need adjustment according to actual situations.