Plastic tank shredder

china Plastic tank shredder for recycling hollow container or tanks ,chemical bottle,blue drum ,barrels,buckets,IBC Tank,fruit tank,garbage box,crates , industrial double shaft shredder reducing size of waste plastic,wood,paper,rubber,light metal,e waste,medical waste,msw Model: SCD1000 Working distance : 1000mm Motor : 30kw+30kw Blades : skd11

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Plastic tank shredder

In various cases of waste recycling , the selection of proper industrial shredder machine is very important;

If the target objects for destroying  plastic tank , barrels,and other kinds of hollow plastic products , the two and four shaft shredder can be chosen as the plastic tank shredder to reduce the size of them for further recycling procedure;

Four shaft shredder as plastic tank shredder runs better on graps the tank ,press them, and eat them ,but the cost of the four shaft shredder is also not low;

The double shaft shredder as plastic tank shredder with hydraulic pressing system also can grasp big hollow plastic tank easily and finish them fast;

We both have double shaft shredder and four shaft shredder to support customer’s plan on recycling plastic tank and hollow containers etc;