Plastic tube recycling shredder

China heavy duty plastic tube recycling shredder with good quality , manufacturing industrial single shaft shredder for size reduction and recycling of heavy wall plastic tube and lumps etc; Model: SCSP1200 Pipe Applied : < 1200 mm Capacity : 800-1000kg/h

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Plastic tube recycling shredder

Plastic tube recycling shredder , A simultaneous combination of round rotor shredding system and a deep horizontally moving hopper ; A Siemens brand PLC element is designed in the control cabinet to protect the shredder in case of overload; The dimension of final plastic chips is limited by the screen in the outlet of the plastic tube recycling shredder;

The shaft of the plastic tube recycling shredder is made of solid forging ,it has not the risk of crack or deflection in long time of working ; Because of being machined on high precise CNC machining center , the whole tolerance of the shaft will not beyong 5 dmm;

The working clearance between the rotary and stationary blades of plastic tube recycling shredder also can be adjusted to be mini 0.5mm;