Plastic tube shredder

China heavy duty plastic tube shredder with good quality , manufacturing industrial single shaft shredder for size reduction and recycling of heavy wall plastic tube and lumps etc; Model: SCSP600 Pipe applided : < 600mm Motor : 30kw Capacity: 200-300kg/h

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Plastic tube shredder

A high hopper moves to left and right side of shredder rotor , the plastic tube shredder single shaft shredding machine get the ability to destroy long and big plastic tube or lumps gradually and decrease them into 20-80 mm small plastic flakes in one step ;

By combing an industrial high speed crusher to the plastic tube shredder via a belt conveyor , final extruding grade plastic flakes , customizable dimension realized by screen , can be converted into automatically;

The full automatical control way brings an very relaxing work on operating the plastic tube shredder machine , the hopper pushing type single shaft shredder is widely used in recycling PE tube, pvc tube, ppr tube etc;

The reciprocating motion of the hopper also make the plastic tube shredder reduce the load regularly, the shredder is not easy to become overload in production , hence ,this plastic tube shredder also can works with good performance for waste textile,filament,ropes in compressed bale , and those waste products in bundles;