plastic tube shredder machine

plastic tube shredder machine with good quality for grinding plastic pipe and lumps,industrial single shaft shredder for size reduction and recycling of waste plastic,wood,paper,rubber,light metal etc. Model: SCSP600 Rotor length : 600mm Shredding room: 600*600mm Motor : 30kw Capacity: 200-500kg/h

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plastic tube shredder machine

Industrial shredder for plastic recycling, the price for the shredder machine is always a big consideration when a related purchasing plan is made ;

Except for the heavy and high capacity horizontal type plastic tube shredder machine , BRIGHTERSHREDDER also developed a cheap type to help more customer to destroy and recycling plastic tube easier;

The mouth of the cheap type plastic tube shredder machine eat the plastic tube in vertical direction , the structure of the shredder rotor and blades is same as our SCS series single shaft shredder, but the pushing system has obvious difference . The plastic tube in the plastic tube shredder machine is pushed against two sides of the shredder rotor by the moving hopper which is drived a hydraulic oil cylinder fixed in the tail of the plastic tube shredder machine;

The plastic tube shredder machine is rugged and durable , especially featured on unique protection design to gearbox and damping design for reducing the vibration during shredding work;