Plastic waste recycling shredder

Chinese Plastic waste recycling shredder,heavy duty single shaft shredder for destroying plastic lumps,pipe,board,drum,tank ,and other thick waste products of plastic ,paper,rubber,wood etc; Model: SCS400 Rotor length : 400 mm Capacity : 200-300kg/hour Motor : 18.5kw

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Plastic waste recycling shredder

Heavy duty single shaft shredder can work as plastic waste recycling shredder for the waste plastic lumps with thickness to be max 1.5m , length to be max 1.5m , width to be max 1.5m;

The waste plastic lumps are mainly coming from plastic extrusion , blowing ,injection ; as plastic products are ubiquitous , there is big benefits on using single shaft shredder as the plastic waste recycling shredder to process them;

Common plastic, engineering plastic , thermosetting plastics , even the plastic pipe reinforced with metal wires, the plastic waste recycling shredder rotates in low speed ,output high torque , still can grind them easily;