PVC Lumps shredder

Industrial PVC Lumps shredder of heavy duty single shaft shredder for size reduction and recycling of plastic lumps ,pipes,boards ,drum,tanks,and other thick wall plastic scraps; Model: SCS600 Motor : 30kw Capacity : 200 ~ 500kg/h

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1.PVC Lumps shredder

In the case of recycling industrial waste of pvc material , the single shaft shredder as pvc lumps shredder  is more practical and workable;

PVC lumps shredder destroy rigid pvc ,soft pvc,and pvc paste ,which are distinguished by the content of plasticizer .PVC resin has wide applications : pvc plastic pipe, profile,foam board ,joints , sheet ,leather , cable covers , shoes,bottles, toys and other commodities.
The big pvc lumps , board,pipe , joints etc are common in big thickness and volume , very hard for destruction;

After the disposal of pvc lumps shredder , 20-50mm grade pvc particles can be obtained from big pvc scraps;

Final extruding grade pvc pellets can be made on a sized high speed crusher machine ,which can be installed behind the pvc lumps shredder;