Rigid plastic shredder

China Rigid plastic shredder reduces size and recycles waste plastic lumps ,pipe,board,garbage box,chemical drums,drinking bottle,water container ,fruit vegetable tanks,bear crates etc;heavy duty single shaft shredder with small and uniform size of output. Model: SCS400 Rotor length : 400mm Pushing Journey : 500mm Motor : 18.5kw

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Rigid plastic shredder

The rigid plastic shredder are used for recycling those waste which is difficult for cutting ,breaking ; The rigid plastic block recycling work is an example of difficult cutting waste 

The plastic block are given to solid body and big volume because most of them are from the melted plastic fluid which is drained from the plastic extruders or moulds in production ;

The industrial single shaft shredder  can be used as rigid plastic shredder to recycling rigid and large plastic pipe waste , hdpe ,pvc,ppr ,upvc ,cpvc, aluminium-plastic pipe , wires reinforced hdpe pipe , waste from plastic extrusion production for plastic sheet,borad,profile etc;

The rigid plastic shredder also can be used for the rigid plastic block from plastic injection production ,blowing production etc ;

The rigid plastic shredder are also suitable thin plastic waste , bottom,drum,crates , plastic film,bag ,clothes,textile,ropes, fishing nets etc ;

The rigid plastic shredder also can be used in appliances such as wood pallets, small metal wires etc ;