Shredder for municipal solid wate processing plant

China industrial Shredder for size reduction of municipal solid waste for making RDF,burning,Compost ,Landfill; Model: SCD1200 Blades : 50mm(T) * 500mm Motor : 45kw+45kw Capacity: 2 ~ 3tons/h

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1.Shredder for municipal solid waste

Municipal solid waste shredder serves to make mixed big solid waste products into small flakes ; thus, those solid waste products will be easier for burning or degradation or recycling.

Municipal solid waste includes various kinds of products , plastic,paper,carton,wood,textile,clothes,glass etc .

Two rows of blades of municipal solid waste shredder rotates to get a shearing force for the waste products between them ;

The blades of municipal solid waste shredder has large torque transmitted from hard teetch gearbox ;

According to actual case of waste products and requirement , different specifications of blades and other components of municipal waste shredder is available.