Shredder for plastic lumps

Chinese Industrial Shredder for plastic lumps destruction ,heavy duty single shaft shredder for reducing size and recycling waste plastic lumps and unqualified unfinished plastic products in the plastic production of extrusion,injection, blowing; Model: SCS1000 Shredder chamber : 1000mm *1100mm Motor : 45kw Capacity : 0.8 - 1.2 ton/hour

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Shredder for plastic lumps

Large scales of plastic production causes a large amount of industrial waste in production ; Most of the industrial plastic waste are in the form of solid and big plastic lumps and some unqualified plastic produces ;

Brightermachinery, a professional industrial shredder manufacturer in Zhangjiagang city, China , makes series best plastic shredders for destroying and recycling waste plastic ,wood,cardboard,paper,rubber,light metal products etc;

The industrial shredder recommended for reducing the volume of plastic lumps and making them into form of small plastic flakes ,is the single shaft shredder ,which consists of a round rotor with sharpe square blades, and a pushing unit inside its shredder chamber ;

Big plastic lumps can be throwed into the shredder chamber directly, the work of the blades and the pushing unit will decrease the body of the plastic lumps and produces a lot of small plastic flakes in high speed;