Single rotor shredder

China heavy duty single rotor shredder with good quality, industrial waste shredding machine for size reduction and recycling of wasteplastic,wood,paper, rubber,light metal etc. Model: SCS400 Shredding room : 400 mm * 500 mm Motor : skd11 Capacity : 200 ~ 300kg/h for hdpe lumps Application : plastic ,wood,paper,rubber, glass ,fabric ,light metal etc Screen : customized Voltage : customized.

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Single rotor shredder

1.Brief introduction :

Capacity of the single rotor shredder, it is usually expressed as the main factor in designing , because it directly measures the estimatable profits that is permitted to be obtained when the single rotor shredder are put into plastic recycling projects;

Capacity of the single rotor shredder, a great advantage for processing solid and thick and rigid waste products , e.g , plastic lumps , thick plastic board, thick plastic pipe/tube , wood block etc;

On the single rotor shredder, a big internal tank can store large waste products , a lot of waste products for shredding gradually ;

Inside the single rotor shredder tank ( chamber,hopper), many small but sharp square blades are fixed on a horizontal round rotor , the other side relative to the rotor of single rotor shredder  is a pushing unit which is designed to push waste products in the front of them against the shredding blades of single rotor shredder ; If the pushing pressure is overload , the pushing unit will stop and move back to release the pressure and remove the overload , related working components on the single rotor shredder is managed and protected perfectly;

2.Video of SCS600 single rotor shredder for hdpe lumps:

3.Photos of single rotor shredder :