Single shaft plastic shredder machine

China Industrial Single shaft plastic shredder machine , heavy duty one shaft shredder breaking destroying plastic lumps,pipe,tank,garbage box,drum,crates,pallet ,film,bag ,ropes ,fishing net etc; Model: SCS800 Motor : 37kw+3kw Inside size : 800*1000mm Capacity: 500-1000kg/hour

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Single shaft plastic shredder machine

Generally , the plastic lumps inherently has big and solid body;

The suitable shredder machine recommended is the single shaft shredder machine; The requirement of extruding can be met by reducing their size to be less than 12mm;

Our company specializes in researching and designing and manufacturering series industrial shredder machines ,including the single shaft plastic shredder machine for recycling waste plastic,wood,paper,rubber,light metal etc;

Single shaft plastic shredder machine help to reuse the industrial waste in plastic production , chemically recycling waste plastic of post-consumer , Energy generated from burning plastic waste ,all of them requires reducing the size of big plastic first;

The importance of recycling waste plastic has been awared and emphasized for decades, Widely using of the single shaft plastic shredder machine eliminates white pollution  in each corners on earth;