Single shaft shredder for plastic drum

China Industrial Single shaft shredder for plastic drum, heavy duty plastic shredder breaking destroying chemical drum,water container, fruit and vegatable tanks,bear crates,drinking bottle etc,and plastic lumps from plastic industries ; Model: SCS800 Rotor length : 800mm Journey: 1100mm Motor : 37kw Capacity : 100-200kg/h Plastic drum shredder

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Single shaft shredder for plastic drum,plastic drum shredder

Heavy duty single shaft shredders are widely used in plastic and related fields, of which the scale is expected to grow even more rapidly than in the past;

Big plastic manufacturers must pay attention to the recycling arrangement for the waste plastic in their production ; If not , a relative disadvantage on production cost will decrease the competition of their final products; For plastic drum production, there may be pressed drum waste in production,and some unqualified drum need to be recycled , the single shaft shredder is both suitable for grinding plastic drum and drum waste in production;

Most plastic manufacturers like to add some sets of single shaft shredders and crushing machines into production , because the single shaft shredder is of multi-purpose , has the ability to recycle all kinds of plastic waste obtained in the production or collected from the market;

Single shaft shredder for plastic drum recycling, if customer hasn’t so many drums every day, a cheap single shaft shredder is more economical ;