Tyre recycling shredder

China heavy duty Tyre recycling shredder for size reduction of waste tire , industrial double shaft shredder for tire recycling project; SCDT1200 Blades: H13 Motor : 45kw+45kw Capacity: 2-3ton/h Sieve: 50mm

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1.Tyre recycling shredder

The tyre is made of rubber and steel wire ,it require the cutting blades with sufficient hardness and toughness for them , require the sufficiently strong gearbox to sustain the big load from their body.

The blades of the tyre shredder has 2 teeth , so the type block after shredding is not small , we design a round rotating sieve to take big tyre parts back to shredder for cutting again , those tyre flakes smaller than the hole of sieve will fall down;

The bead wires of tyre need to removed first before size reduction and shredding ,  we also have the machine for removing bead wires;