Waste cardboard shredder

China heavy duty Waste cardboard shredder for size reduction ,with good quality , industrial double shaft shredder for recycling waste cardboard,carton box,paper pulp,ragged wires etc Model: SCD1500 Motor : 55kw+55kw Blades : SKD11 Capacity : 3~5 ton/h

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Waste cardboard shredder

Waste cardboard shredder is a machine used for recycling waste paper,book ,newspaper ,documents,wallpaper,carton,paper roll,cardboard, edge cutting paper scraps and paper pulp in paper factory ;

It is perfect size reduction machine for waste carton ,cardboard ,because it can get high capacity , and keeping noise in low level at the same time.

The waste cardboard shredder has wide range of applications , except for the application listed above , many other kinds of waste products also also can be disposed on it.

The specification of the blades is customized to get the final dimension required by customer ;