Waste clothes shredder

China heavy duty Waste clothes shredder for size reduction ,with good quality , industrial double shaft shredder for recycling waste fabric clothes for large capacity; Model:SCD1000 Blades: SKD11 Motor : 22kw+22kw

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1.Waste clothes shredder

It has been recognized that there is big significances in recycling and processing waste trashes , not only on protecting our environment ,but also on big benefits ; Because the big difference between virgin raw materials for new products and the cost of recycling waste products ;

Usually, waste products , wood, plastic,paper ,clothes etc, can be recycled for making usable products that is lower on quality than original.

Waste clothes shredder can reducing the clothes ,waste fabrics into so small dimension that they can be agglomerated and regenerated easily , or more convenient for other kinds of chemical or energy recycling way.