Waste lumps shredder machine

China Manufacturer of Waste lumps shredder machine with CE certificatee for size reduction of solid waste , industrial single shaft shredder for recycling waste plastic,wood,rubber,paper,light metal scrap etc; Model : SCS600 Capacity : 300-500kg/h Motor : 22kw

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Waste lumps shredder machine

For application of the single shaft shredder machine , it can be used for waste products which has a less magnitude on volume than that of the shredding chamber ;

Actually ,the gearbox of the waste lumps shredder machine and other components associated with the gearbox becomes the most important concern for the mechanical design; Because the high speed impact between the blades and the rigid and big body of the waste plastic lumps carries big vibration and shock to the blades , being transmitted to the shaft , the key connected gearbox etc;

If no sufficiently mature solution on the damping design here , the waste lumps shredder machine is hard to work with high reliability with the waste plastic lumps;

Our Waste lumps shredder machine is equipped with perfectly damping design for protecting the gearbox and other adjacent members ; we are glad to introduce more ! Contact Us !