Waste pallet shredder

China Industrial Waste plastic and wood pallet shredder of heavy duty double shaft shredder for destruction and recycling of large size plastic ,wood,paper pulp,cardboard,rubber ,light metal scraps etc; Model: SCD1500 Motor : 55kw+55kw Shredding room : 1.54 m *1.05 m Feeding : claw truck etc. Capacity : Around 5 tons/h for wood pallets.

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1. Waste pallet shredder

The common seen waste pallet includes plastic pallet and wood pallet ; The proper waste pallet shredder machine for recycling them is the double shaft shredder ;

The blade of waste pallet shredder  is in claw shape , with teeth number from 1 ~ 7 ; According to the physical characters of the plastic pallet and wood pallet, blades with 3 ~ 5 teeth is often used on waste pallet shredder. The final plastic or wood flakes from waste pallet shredder is less than  10*5 cm;

Then , the many plastic or wood flakes can be feeded into next high speed granulator to get 20mm or small pellets;

If the  pallet is made wood, they also contains several steel nails inner their body , a magnetic separating belt is imperative between the waste pallet shredder and the following high speed granulator that the blades of high speed granulator can be protected ;