Waste plastic pipe shredder

China heavy duty waste plastic pipe shredder with good quality , manufacturing industrial single shaft shredding machine for size reduction and recycling of heavy wall plastic pipe and lumps etc; Model: SCSP1500 Pipe Applied : < 1500mm Capacity : 1.5~2ton/h Motor : 55kw * 2 sets

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Waste plastic pipe shredder

Long body and thick wall of big plastic pipe represent the difficulties of destruction;

The waste plastic pipe shredder is also of single shaft type , hence , if we call it by its structural feature, hopper moving type single shaft shredder is an exact concept ;

This type waste plastic pipe shredder can make big plastic pipe into extruding grade small plastic pellet with a high speed crushing machine ;

BRIGHTERSHREDDER adopts solid forging steel roller to make the working shaft, which is machined on high precision CNC machining lathe. ±0.5dmm is controlled as the real accuracy of the surface,position of the blade base of the shaft of waste plastic pipe shredder;

Suitable model of the waste plastic pipe shredders and crushers will be recommended according to the max diameter of the plastic pipe, the material of the plastic pipe can be hdpe,pvc,ppr etc;