waste plastic pipe shredding machine

waste plastic pipe shredding machine for reducing size of plastic pipe lumps ,industrial single shaft shredder with good quality from China manufacturer for recycling plastic,wood,paper,rubber ,light metal waste; Model : SCSP1000 Capcity: 300-1000kg/h Shredding room : 1000*1000mm

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waste plastic pipe shredding machine

An industrial shredder having high shredding efficiency and capable of loading long and big plastic pipe is named the large capacity waste plastic pipe shredding machine.

The large capacity waste plastic pipe shredding machine consists of two main systems, a shredding system and a pushing system; The shredding system includes a round rotor ,adjacent hard teeth gearbox , Electric motors ,and V-belts for transmission; The force of the pushing system is performed by hydraulic plants , a fixed hydraulic cylinder compels the movable hopper to do forth-and-back motion along two parallel paths on waste plastic piep shredding machine and within horizontal plane;

How big dimension of the shredder hopper . how big diameter of the plastic pipe can be processed on the waste plastic pipe shredding machine;

The waste plastic pipe shredding machine loads the big plastic pipe vertically, with limitation of the length to be 1.5 m ~ 2 m about considering operation safety; The vertical type plastic pipe shredder is economical design;

If customer want shred longer plastic pipe , such as 3 meters, 6meters, horizontal type plastic pipe shredder can be selected;