waste plastic recycling shredder

Industrial waste plastic recycling shredder of heavy duty single shaft shredder for size reduction and recycling of waste plastic,rubber,wood,paper ,light metal,msw ; Model: SCS1500 Type : single motor type Motor : 110kw Shredding room : 1500 * 1500 mm Capacity: 2 ~ 3 ton/h

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1.waste plastic recycling shredder

The waste plastic recycling shredder of industrial single shaft shredder that is an accurate and very good selection for applications in the recycling project for plastic,paper,wood,rubber,glass,fabric ,light metal etc;

In additional to waste plastic recycling shredder's strong cutting force for destroying hard-cutting waste products , limitation function of waste plastic recycling shredder on the size of final scraps realized by the screen under its blades is also a major concern;

The recycling project for MSW,RDF,Medical Waste ,Wood ,paper etc,mostly have high requirement on the uniformity of their small chips ;

The waste plastic recycling shredder can get a satisfactory working effect for them ,with high speed and low noise and good durability;

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