waste plastic scrap shredder

China waste plastic scrap shredder reduces size and recycles waste plastic lumps ,pipe,board,garbage box,chemical drums,drinking bottle,water container ,fruit vegetable tanks,bear crates etc;heavy duty single shaft shredder with small and uniform size of output. Model: SCS800+PC800 Rotor length : 800mm Journey: 1000mm Motor : 37kw+30kw Capacity: 500-1000kg/hour

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waste plastic scrap shredder

heavy duty single shaft shredder as waste plastic scrap shredder , shaft speeds during 45-100rpm and Hardness to HRC60 and HRC63 of the blades are obtained ;

The shearing force of the blades inner waste plastic scrap shredder is designed to be extremely strong , that it can cut all kinds of plastic scrap , from super hard engineering plastic as PET ,PC,ABS,POM etc to super soft plastic as plastic film etc, from super thick plastic scrap as the plastic lumps from extruders, plastic pipes, to super thin plastic scrap as the fishing net, textile ,ropes etc;

The single shaft type waste plastic scrap shredder is greatly efficient for recycling rigid and thick and solid plastic lumps, plastic pipes, thick plastic boards, crates,drum etc;