waste plastic shredder machine

China waste plastic shredder machine for decreasing volume reducing size of big trash , industrial single shaft shredder for recycling waste plastic,wood,paper,rubber,light metal,MSW etc; Model: SCS600 Motor : 22kw Shredding chamber: 600 * 500mm Capacity : 300 ~ 500 kg/h

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1.waste plastic shredder machine

Selecting the waste plastic shredder machine can have several significant benefits , particularly the large capacity for large solid waste products ,or those waste products compressed in big bale ; in addition to , the screen in outlet of the waste plastic shredder machine , limiting the dimension of final waste scraps after shredding , is also an obviously welcomed advantage of the single shaft waste plastic shredder machine for many waste processing project;

Another application is for wood recycling , 15 -50mm screen can be installed to the shredder machine to control the dimension of wood chips shredded, round wood ,wood block ,tree bark,wood box,wood pallet ,wood board ,off-cuts wood from joinery,carpentry etc;

The recycling of waste plastic film,paper pulp , cables ,medical waste etc also has requirement on regular dimension of final small chips , single shaft shredder  also shall be chosen for meet this demand;

The waste plastic shredder machine is with heavy duty structure, auto control ,PLC management , big torque ,low noise ,and many other good features;

2.Shredder Photos and series model: