waste plastic shredding machine

China waste plastic shredding machine for decreasing volume reducing size of big trash , industrial single shaft shredder for recycling waste plastic,wood,paper,rubber,light metal,MSW etc; Model : SCS400 Motor : 37kw Capacity : 500 ~ 1000 kg/h

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1. waste plastic shredding machine

Our BRIGHTERSHREDDER provides series industrials shredding machines for a variety of recycling targets in the market ,Among which, the sable or unstable running of plastic machines both have the trends to loss some plastic in their working time; Plastic blowing machines keeps some margin on melted plastic barrels for ensuring good air tightness; Plastic extrusion machines may need remove some amount melted plastic liquid in the molds to build a new combination again; Plastic injection machines also will have its plastic waste from its molds or extruders; These kinds of plastic waste can be called as plastic lumps or purging or drools or chunks , their high quality makes a waste plastic shredding machine is enough for recycling them;

BRIGHTERSHREDDER offers waste plastic shredding machine as small as SCS400 model,which have shredding room of 400*500mm , installed with motor of 18.5kw , if customer’s waste plastic lumps is not big , capacity required is also not big, our smallest scs400 waste plastic shredding machine is very cheap for purchasing;

Brightermachinery also makes single shaft waste plastic shredding machine as large as SCS1500, with shredding room to 1500 * 1700 mm, those super big plastic lumps from plastic pipe extrusion line, plastic board extrusion line can be decreased into mini 20mm flakes in one step rapidly;

2.Photo show of waste plastic shredding machine :