Wood plastic pallet shredder

china Wood plastic pallet shredder for recycling big plastic pallet ,wood pallet , industrial double two shaft shredder reducing size of waste plastic,wood,paper,rubber,light metal,e waste,medical waste,msw; Model: SCD1500 Motor : 110kw Capacity: 5 tons/h Shredding room : 1540mm*1050mm.

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1.Wood plastic pallet shredder

Concerns regarding saving oil and protecting forest makes a big demand for recycling waste wood and waste plastic ;

The wood and plastic pallet can be recycled with high efficiency by using low speed double shaft shredder and high speed sizing crusher.

About 5 tons/h of processing amount can be obtained on the wood and plastic pallet shredder and crusher system easily.

Labors can throw the waste pallets into the wood plastic pallet shredder one by one by manual , it also help the wood plastic pallet shredder to get big capacity of output, the power consumption is also economical;

If customer like to feed many pieces of plastic pallet or wood pallet into the wood plastic pallet shredder hopper in one time , we can reinforce the driving motor and gearbox to meet this requirement.